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The npj Science of Learning Community is a dedicated space for educators, policymakers and researchers to share knowledge, start or join conversations, and read about current research into learning. All of the content provided on this site is free for our registered members to use and share. Absolutely anybody is able to sign up as a Member, and it won't (and will never) cost you a thing!

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Our vision for the npj Science of Learning Community is to develop an interactive online community that will progress the journal's aim to host cross-disciplinary discussions and allow us to bring together the findings of neuroscientists, psychologists, and education researchers to understand how the brain learns. To understand learning requires the integration of findings from several levels of analysis: from cellular to behavioural, in animal models and humans, in the laboratory and in the classroom. Through cross-disciplinary interactions, this combined knowledge can then be used to revolutionise learning, memory, and education.

This Community is a place to discover and share knowledge, learn from journal editors and authors, and collaborate to advance the science of learning.

We hope that you enjoy the site. Please explore our content, follow your favourite expert Contributors and Members, and make your own contributions to the npj Science of Learning Community.

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