What affects a child's emotional well-being at school?

A new study from Japan and Australia investigates whether there is a link between a students age and emotional well-being ⎮ 54 sec read
What affects a child's emotional well-being at school?

School is an important step for any child because it provides education, opportunities to make friends, network with peers and develop the basic skills needed for life long learning. In a new study, a research team led by Shuntaro Ando from the University of Tokyo, Osaka University, Waseda University, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, School of Advanced Science (Kanagawa) and the University of Melbourne (Australia),  investigated for the first time whether a child's age relative to school year, effected their emotional well-being in a report published by the Journal, Plos One. 4,478 ten year old children from schools in Tokyo and their parents were interviewed by the researchers, using the WHO (Five) Well-Being Index. The study included the effects of bullying and academic performance with the analysis of students emotional symptoms. 

To learn more about this study's findings and the recommendations offered by the researchers, please follow the link to: Age relative to school class peers and emotional well-being in 10 year olds.

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