Looking for diversity in children's books

Children's books do not reflect the cultural diversity of school communities, so what is happening to reverse this trend? ⎮ 36 sec read
Looking for diversity in children's books

Education in our multicultural world and classrooms brings opportunities and challenges for teachers. Authentic diversity in children’s books can help children achieve important educational and social/emotional outcomes, but current book collections are limiting the opportunities for these benefits for many children. 

Caroline Barratt-Pugh, Yvonne Haig and myself published a research article Portray cultures other than ours: How childrenliterature is being used to support the diversity goals of the Australian Early Years Learning Framework in the Journal, The Australian Educational Researcher. More recently, I discussed the lack of diversity in children's books further in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald: Beyond the Pale: Children’s books present monoculture

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