Super memory - what it's like to remember being a baby

Listen to Rebecca Sharrock's remarkable ability to remember everything in her life from dreams and events to book content and everyday conversations ⎮ 32 min 49 sec listen
Super memory - what it's like to remember being a baby

Most of us can remember what we had for breakfast this morning. But, if you tried, could you remember what you had for breakfast on this today a week ago? Or, even further back, on this date last year, or five years ago? Rebecca Sharrock does. She’s one of a very small group of people in the world, about 60 known cases, who have a rare condition known as highly superior autobiographical memory, or HSAM. People with HSAM remember an incredible amount of their past experiences. Why they do is still a mystery. 

Becky remember, is unable to forget all of her birthdays, emotional events and even dreams and has been dating them since 2004 by crossing off each day in a calendar. Listen to how Rebecca can recall and relive memories of past events and experiences here

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