BOLD Blog in Brief

Research does little to improve outcomes for students and teachers if the findings are misunderstood or incorrectly applied. Two BOLD Blog authors explore ways to strengthen the link between research and classroom implementation.
BOLD Blog in Brief

David Yeager identifies a cycle in which an educational innovation presented as “the latest thing” becomes a fad that teachers easily dismiss as impractical or ineffective. He suggests that researchers look at where ideas work, as well as where they don’t. In this way, researchers and educators can work in tandem to discover the nuances of how to implement new ideas. Read more here.  

Similarly, Jessica Massonnié seeks ways to help teachers and others to distinguish between evidence-based learning strategies and intractable neuromyths (disproven educational assertions) that lodge in classroom practice. She suggests not only debunking neuromyths and communicating the limitations of research studies, but also disseminating strategies that do work. She points out web-based resources that make scientific research easily accessible and understandable to students, parents, and educators. Read more here

Photo: Erich Ferdinand,, CC BY 2.0

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