Brains old, new, and augmented

In this podcast, we explore a collection of brains, emerging brain technology and the neurogeneration who will use it | 29 min listen
Brains old, new, and augmented

Believe it or not … a Formula 1 car can be driven by someone just using their brain. We consider the neurogeneration: people who in the future who are likely to be using some kind of brain-powered technology to do their job or to extend their knowledge. But we don’t leave the past behind, there’s also a peek into the brain collection of Cornell University. Listen to the fascinating discussion - Brains old, new, and augmented.


Prof of Neuroscience Tim DeVoogdDept of Psychology, Cornel University

Tan Le, Founder and CEO of EMOTIV, Author of The Neurogeneration

Image: Pixaby/Ezra Magazine (Cornell University)/ddean

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