BOLD Blog in Brief

Motivation tends to be very high when children start school, then declines over the years. Authors on BOLD in August suggest how teachers can motivate children to work for the good of the group, and delve into theories behind motivation for learning.
BOLD Blog in Brief

Nurturing social responsibility may be a key to reducing aggression and victimization among school children, writes Assistant Professor of Psychology, Kendra Thomas. A positive and supportive school environment that teaches children to consider others’ perspectives can help children internalize the value of social responsibility, motivating them to act as agents of positive change, she says. Read the article here.

Which comes first: motivation or achievement? Science writer Juanita Bawagan puts this question to Martijn Meeter and TuongVan Vu, two experts in learning. She finds that it’s a feedback loop, and outside influences keep the loop going. While researchers have typically looked at motivation for learning on an individual level, they are starting to address those outside influences such as school structure as well. Read part 1 of the interview here, and look out for part 2 coming soon.

Photo by Marta Reinartz from Pixabay

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