BOLD Blog in Brief

BOLD authors this month discuss key principles for bridging the achievement gap in children’s education as well as a gaming app that may help to reveal the inner workings of the human brain.
BOLD Blog in Brief

Environmental conditions such as poverty, poor nutrition, and insufficient healthcare are well-recognized factors that create disparities in educational achievement. To narrow this gap, educators must focus on equity while embracing individual differences, says researcher H. Moriah Sokolowski. Equity means ensuring that all children have the tools they need to thrive, which can differ widely among individuals. Read more here.

In an interview with Juanita Bawagan, Tobias Hauser discusses how the newly released app, Brain Explorer, could be used to study decision-making processes in adolescents. Most mental health problems emerge before adulthood, says Hauser, and more data on brain development during adolescence may provide clues for early interventions and treatment. Gaming apps can provide a wider scope and greater detail in data collection than traditional methods. Read the interview here.

Image by ahmedgad,, CC0 1.0

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