BOLD in brief

How can educators make learning effective while ensuring that children have agency and choices in their learning? In February on BOLD, find an article on how teachers might make learning the times table effective, and the latest episode of our podcast Teachers’ Voices, about agency in learning.
BOLD in brief

Learning the multiplication table is one of the biggest challenges that children must overcome using rote learning, says Dror Dotan. One thing that makes it hard to memorize the multiplication table is similarity between facts – as in the case of 8 x 8 = 64 and 8 x 6 = 48. Dotan’s research suggests that learning the times table may sometimes be more effective if a given lesson focuses only on dissimilar multiplication facts. Read the article here. 

Making choices based on active engagement in decision making plays a vital role in developing a child’s self esteem as well as enabling their learning. In episode 14 of Teachers’ Voices, host Nina Alonso – with the help of three guests – explores how children can be independent agents of action in learning. Listen to the podcast episode here. 

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