BOLD in brief

On BOLD in November, two interviewees discuss overcoming barriers to learning. Tonee Ndungu describes the obstacles to education for girls and young women in Kenya, while Sharath Jeevan talks about kids overcoming motivational challenges to find what truly motivates them.
BOLD in brief

Tonee Ndungu is the founder and C.E.O. of digital platform Kytabu, an e-learning app. There is an assumption in Kenya that everybody has equal access to educational opportunities, but that’s not true, Ndungu says. Ndungu and his team created Girls-4-Girls as an intervention for girls who are unable to go to school, so they can learn in a virtual classroom with nearby peers. Read the interview here.

Economist and education expert Sharath Jeevan suggests that it can be useful for kids to ignore their parents – to find what interests them. Jeevan believes that children need to develop a desire for lifelong learning on their own, and that schools can help by fostering students' curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, and adaptability. Read the interview here.

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