BOLD in brief

What skills do children need for the future? On BOLD in October, one interviewee focuses on the need to build empathy – for oneself, society, and the planet. Another interviewee describes their approach to building students’ skills in digital technology.
BOLD in brief

The nature of work and the nature of the planet are changing drastically, argues Simran Mulchandani, a founder of the mobile app Project Rangeet. He says that children need social and emotional knowledge, and an ecological understanding to meet the challenges of the future. Project Rangeet tries to equip children with that knowledge. Mulchandani’s hope is for a world in which nature and society are at peace. Read the interview here.

Swiss teacher Renée Lechner is preparing her students for careers in business. Since they will be directly or indirectly dealing with digitalization after school, Lechner had her students organize workshops on digital topics. These workshops were delivered to slightly younger students, as teenagers are more likely to listen to and learn from their peers, Lechner says. The students who organized the workshops developed skills for their professional lives. Read the interview here.

Image by Akil Mazumder from Pexels

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