The ageing brain: it ain't all downhill

Did you know the brain improves as we age? Learn how we can help it | 29 min listen
The ageing brain: it ain't all downhill

Growing older is something we only get to do if we’re lucky, so why are so many of us unenthusiastic about the prospect of ageing? We speak to neuroscientist and author Dan Levitin about his new book The Changing Mind, which looks at the ways the brain actually improves as we age, and how we can help it in The ageing brain: it ain't all downhill.

Guest - Prof Daniel LevitinNeuroscientist, Cognitive Psychologist, author and musician, McGill University, Montreal.

Publications - The Changing Mind: A Neuroscientist's Guide to Ageing Well by Levitin, Daniel, Penguin Books.

Image - Pixabay, Rudy Anderson. 

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